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Each and every one of our scholars are exceptional human beings inside and outside of the classroom! As a pre-requisite, we search for highly motivated students who maintain a thirst for learning, a commitment to aiding their communities, and who exhibit a need to sustain their educational pursuits - either financially or by educational resources. 

Each scholar receives a Tulong Foundation welcome package that introduces them to the scholar family and their personal donor. A school uniform in addition to a back pack full of school supplies is distributed to them within the first month leading up to the school year. 

Our family residence - the summer home in which Marevi and Averie Bishop stay during their annual expeditions - host several dinners for the scholars and their families. Furthermore, the home is maintains a 24/7 open door policy for students who must travel long distances to attend school and need a place to stay for the house is a convenient five minute walk from San Jose National High School. 

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